Sunday, March 30, 2014

Breckenridge Film Festival adopts spring series featuring favorites from past festivals

#Breckenridge, Colorado.

This year, movie fans won’t have to wait until September to benefit from the cinematic offerings of the Breckenridge Film Festival.
For the first time, the organization is offering a spring film series, featuring favorite films from the 2013 festival as well as a smattering from festivals past and a few new options.
“We’re obviously in a little bit of a rebuilding stage,” said executive director Janice Kurbjun. “Providing a spring film series is just another step forward in a lot of different things that we have on our wish list … to give to the community.”
The organization’s mission statement calls for “year-round comprehensive celebration of independent film,” which the spring festival will help provide. The festival already featured a screening of “Climb to Glory” in early March. Its success led to the planning of the spring lineup, Kurbjun said.
What to see
The spring series kicks off at the start of April, with three sets of films that cater to the end-of-season ski crowd.
“McConkey” on April 3 and 5 is about freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping pioneer Shane McConkey. The film, which Kurbjun said is sure to be a highlight, is also the only film for which tickets are being sold in advance on the festival website,
The following week, “Antarctica: A Year on Ice” is paired with “The Scenic Route,” both of which were part of the 2013 festival. “Antarctica” was particularly popular, selling out at multiple nights and requiring an extra showing.
The next week features the animated shorts “The Golden Sparrow” and “We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding,” which also were part of the 2013 festival.
From April 25 through May, mud season brings films focusing on a variety of subjects, including coming-of-age, politics, music history and adventure sports.
The animated short “Cadaver” includes the voice of Christopher Lloyd, who played the crazy scientist in “Back to the Future.” It’s paired with “Strings,” a pick from the 2011 film festival, which was picked up for theatrical distribution after its debut.
May features several sets of family-friendly films, from “Duet” — the story of friendship between an oboe player and a violinist — to “Lad: A Yorkshire Story,” about a young boy coming to terms with personal tragedy and growing older.
Viewers of the films on May 22 and 23 — “Pizzangrillo” and “Boom Varietal” — can participate in an auxiliary event. In honor of “Boom Varietal,” a documentary about the rise in popularity of Argentine Malbec wine, Trevor Johnson, sommelier at Antlers Discount Liquor in Frisco, will host a wine-tasting event before the film.
June’s films feature rock climbing and stand-up paddleboarding in Indonesia, which Kurbjun said will serve to get crowds into a summer activities mind-set.
“I think what I really like about this lineup is there’s something for everyone in it, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly film, a date night such as the wine night, senior-friendly or an adventure film,” Kurbjun said. “Really, it’s a way for us to showcase the best of the festival and just bringing the really excellent known and lesser-known films to the people who might want to see them. … You’re not going to see them anywhere else.”
Artistic partnership
The spring series features a partnership between the Breckenridge Film Festival and the Breckenridge Backstage Theatre. The theater is serving as the venue for all of the spring films and the wine-tasting event.
“(The partnership) goes back to the movement in Breckenridge right now to encourage a more unified arts presence,” said Kurbjun, citing the continuing updates to the Breckenridge arts district. “And so it only makes sense that if that’s moving forward, that different entities start to partner together and try to enhance the image of art in the county.”
Courtesy of the Summit Daily News.