Friday, July 22, 2005

Dillon Sets New High Temperature Record

The high temperature in Dillon yesterday was 87 degrees. A new high temperature record for the town just north of Breckenridge.

The old record was 85 degrees.

But you won't see 100 degrees in Summit County.

The all time high temperature recorded in Summit County was 89 degrees at the official National Weather Service station near Dillon Reservoir. That record was set on July 15, 1939.

The (unofficial) high in Breckenridge - recorded in my back yard - yesterday was 81 degrees. Pretty warm, but nothing like Denver, a mile lower in elevation, where it has been topping 100 degrees for the past few days.

Last nights low temperature - again unofficial - was 50 degrees. Some beautiful mountain summer weather, let me tell you.

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