Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dennis Rodman gets Speeding Ticket in Summit County

Dennis Rodman, the former basketball star known for his outrageous attitude and occasional run-ins with the law, has apparently brought his bad habits to Summit County.

Rodman, 44, was pulled over for reckless driving and speeding as he drove his custom-made Lamborghini (of course, what else whould he be driving) through Summit County today near Frisco, said Colorado State Patrol Capt. Ron Prater.

A trooper clocked Rodman traveling westbound at 98 miles per hour on Interstate 70 near Frisco.

The trooper then attempted to pull over Rodman, who continued driving for a short distance, but stopped between the two Frisco exits where he was ticketed for speeding and reckless driving, Prater said.

He was also given a court date to appear back in Summit County, although Prater wasn’t sure of the exact date.

“He was not cooperative,” Prater said. “He was belligerent. He took an aggressive stance with the officers.” What a surprise.

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