Sunday, June 12, 2005

National Repertory Orchestra Back in Town

The National Repertory Orchestra, a group of the nation's 88 best musicians ages 18 - 28, starts it eight-week series of concerts Saturday, June 18, at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge.

The musicians remain busy throughout the summer, learning and performing a full nine-month symphony season in eight weeks. They rehearse five hours a day, and will perform 14 concerts this year.

An interesting twist to this years series - the orchestra will host a "Where in the world is the NRO?" scavenger hunt. The day before or the day of a concert, one to five musicians from the National Repertory Orchestra will perform in a secret location.

Clues as to where they will be performing will be in the local newspaper, on the local radio station and local television station. The clues will lead people to a location of one of the orchestra's sponsors. Once there, businesses will give seekers another clue as to where the NRO players are.

The first five people who find the NRO players will win free tickets to the upcoming concert.

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