Sunday, June 26, 2005

2005 Ride the Rockies Finishes-up in Breckenridge

After 405 miles, the 2005 Ride the Rockies bicycle tour finished up in Breckenridge late yesterday afternoon.

The bicyclists came hurtling down from the high point of their tour - the Climax mine at 11,318 feet - whisked ahead of some thunderstorms and crossed the finish line in Breckenridge.

They drank beer, ate bratwurst and lounged on the grass next to the Blue River. Some riders wished the ride could continue and others just looked forward to sleeping in their own bed.

2000 bicyclists descended on the town where entertainment, food and laughter filled the air.

Ride the Rockies is not a race by merely an athletic exhibition for the riders, and enjoying the scenery along the way is on of the biggest reasons many participate.

This was the 20th year of Ride the Rockies and the second time it has finished-up in Breckenridge.

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