Monday, June 27, 2005

Mountain Biking Tips

Breckenridge's high alpine location presents some unique opportunities for mountain biking. It also presents some challenges you might not be familiar with.

Careful planning is necessary for any bicycle ride at 9,600 feet above sea level. Know your limitations and be prepared to handle any situation. Keep in mind your physical condition and ability to adapt to high altitudes.

Mountain weather can change rapidly. A warm, sunny morning can quickly turn into a torrential thunderstorm. The temperature can drop dramatically in just minutes.

Always carry adequate clothing for changing conditions. Bring along plenty of water (stream and lake water is unsafe to drink), snacks and sunscreen.

Expect varied trail conditions when mountain biking. Rugged, steep and rocky terrain is common. Most local backcountry trails DO NOT receive routine maintenance so situations including fallen logs and washouts may exist.

Breckenridge is truly a cycling friendly community. All Summit Stages buses are equipped with bike racks to transport passengers with bicycles along the bus routes that access all towns in the county.

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