Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dillon Town Manager Search

The Town of Dillon has narrowed its search for a new town manager to two candidates from a pool of about 30 applicants.

The remaining applicants are David Torgler, 47, who is currently the city administrator of Burlington, Wisc., a city of 10,800 people, and C. Devin Granbery, a UC Boulder graduate currently working as the town administrator in Silverton.

Both candidates have extensive experience working in municipal governments

.“We have two experienced, intelligent and very interested candidates for town manager,” Dillon Mayor Barbara Davis said. “Each one possesses individual characteristics that could easily fit in well with our town, plus have extensive economic development backgrounds.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Torgler comes with some
interesting baggage. The current
city he works for is under
Federal Scrutiny for some very
interesting activities. Colorado
could'nt be far enough from Wisc.
Alaska has job openings too.
Keep checking for further updates.