Thursday, February 22, 2007

Breckenridge Film Festival Update

The 2007 Breckenridge Film Festival will take place in June this year, a big change from it's usual September schedule. Executive director Dawna Foxx, the festival is taking full advantage of this change in dates.

All the premieres (Hollywood films, like “Babel,” which was premiered at last year’s event) will take place at the high school. With hopes for 11 Hollywood premieres, Foxx said they are arranging a deal with the bus system or other transportation to form a loop from Farmer’s Korner to Breck during the weekend of the festival, June 7-10.

Independent films are currently being reviewed by locals to fill the four-day schedule which also includes workshops and seminars.

Foxx said the date change from September was an idea the board had been kicking around for some time. Competition with other independent Colorado festivals in September including Telluride and Aspen, and also the Toronto International Film Festival were the main reason for the move.

Resort Quest in downtown Breck will be the base of operations for its second year. Due to its success last year, filmmakers’ rooms will be free instead of discounted, which means more filmmakers at the event.

Go to, for more information as the festival approaches.

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