Friday, February 23, 2007

Dillon Economic Revitalization Advisory Committee

It’s time for the Town of Dillon to take a leap of faith regarding revitalization, Leland Consulting Group’s Anne Ricker said recently at the DERAC’s (Dillon Economic Revitalization Advisory Committee) presentation to the joint work session between town council and the planning and zoning commission.

DERAC member Jerry Dokken agreed. “There’s going to be a certain amount of spontaneity,” Dokken said.

DERAC came in with a goal of obtaining the council’s go-ahead for further research, and informal approval for four priority intiatives. These initiatives “outline the basis of the entire development plan,” according to DERAC member Sean Gatzen.

The first initiative, land acquistion/disposition policy, was presented in conjunction with a time element: four developers are looking at Dillon at this time, according to the DERAC’s report, and a process is needed to manage new development so developers feel comfortable being part of a new community.

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