Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Home Depot for Silverthorne?

Home Depot has purchased land in Silverthorne and is exploring the possibility of building a store in town, according to Mike Ciletti, a principal with Denver-based Phase Line Strategies, a consulting firm hired by Home Depot to look for alternative store locations to Frisco.

The land, three parcels in total, is located just south of Interstate 70 on S. Adams Avenue near the fairgrounds.

Ciletti said the purchase was a joint venture between the land owners and Home Depot.

Part of the reason the company purchased the land was because of the positive state of the real estate market in Summit County, Ciletti said

All three parcels are already zoned light commercial, and a Home Depot would fall into the use-by-right category, said Silverthorne town manager Kevin Batchelder.

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