Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Construction in Silverthorne

The Town of Silverthorne and Columbine Hills Concrete are scheduled to begin work this week on the Lagoon Lane, Ptarmigan Trail and Tanglewood Lane Roadway, a project the town hopes will help pedestrian areas and slow down traffic.

The contractor hired by the Town will have 60 days to complete the work, which is scheduled for completion by late August.

There are three main components to the improvements scheduled for this area:

• The construction of a new sidewalk on the north side of Ptarmigan Trail, which will provide a safer route for pedestrians who wish to walk to amenities in this area.

• The reconfiguration of the Ptarmigan Trail, Tanglewood Lane and Lagoon Lane intersection, which will remedy the awkward existing flow with a more standardized alignment, including the introduction of a four way stop.

• Two traffic calming speed humps will be installed on Lagoon Lane and two on Tanglewood Lane to encourage reduced vehicle speeds appropriate for residential streets.

If you have questions about this project contact the Silverthorne's Town Engineer at (970) 262-7354.

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