Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Breckenridge to Annex Stan Miller Property

The Breckenridge Town Council recently gave an approving nod to the annexation proposal of the Stan Miller property which would create 100 affordable housing units.

It was the third review of the proposal on the 40-acre parcel along Highway 9 near the town’s Block 11/ McCain property. And since the last review in March, a commercial aspect was removed from the plan, said Don Nilsson, agent for the property. With the commercial removal and the 75 percent deed-restricted units, “we now believe that this annexation is substantially similar to other annexations that included substantial affordable housing components, such as Wellington Neighborhood, Vista Point and the more recent Vic’s Landing annexation,” Nilsson wrote in a letter to the council.

Within the 100 affordable units in the proposal, 21 are single family houses, eight are duplexes, 31 are townhomes and 40 are condominium units. Also, the 33 market units are blended in with the affordable units on the parcel that includes 6.5 acres of open space. And while the project falls slightly short of the 80 percent affordable housing guidelines the town has, it includes public benefits such as Blue River restoration, a public trail along the west side of the river and open space.

During last week’s presentation to the town, Councilmember Jennifer McAtamney commented that she would like to see that 5 percent more affordable housing, but she didn’t have a problem with the proposed density and this project is a logical place for housing. Overall, the council said they “feel a lot more comfortable with it.”

The next step will be to petition the town for annexation using the plan they’ve presented to the council as framework for the project. Following the petition, a resolution will come before council and a month later the ordinance can be adopted.

The development would be gradually phased in as the construction operations there that have gone on for 35 years wind down. Stan Miller, Inc. estimates that it will need another 10 years to continue operations on the southerly portion of the property, the letter to council said.

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