Saturday, January 27, 2007

Breckenridge Shock Hill Development

A proposal to increase density and shrink the development footprint on two tracts in the Shock Hill subdivision near Cucumber Gulch in Breckenridge got a mixed reception at a recent town council work session.

Some council members said they had concerns about adding density in the area around the gondola turn station, while others said more density might be acceptable if the buildings are scaled to avoid significant visual impacts to nearby Cucumber Gulch.

At issue is a preliminary proposal by a company named AZCO II, LLC to build a condominum-hotel consisting of two lodge-type buildings with underground parking instead of the townhome complex currently included in the Shock Hill master plan.

To make the project work financially, the developers want to add 33 single-family-equivalency (SFEs) units on Tract C and 14.3 SFEs on Tract E, using density from the town's transfer of development rights (TDR) bank. Both parcels together total 9.56 acres. Overall the density would increase from 84.7 to 132 residential units.

At the same time, AZCO proposed dedicating 2.25 acres of land as open space as a public benefit.

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