Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Tin Shop Guest Artist Program

Usually, there is a line between creator and creation. But in an artist-in-residence situation like the new program in Breckenridge where artists stay in an apartment above the studio, that line is blurred as the artist becomes a part of the artwork viewed.

The symbiotic relationship can offer viewers consistently new perspectives, while giving the artist a new place to expose their work.

All over the country, and even the world, artists have been finding and applying for the Tin Shop Guest Artist Program in Breckenridge.

The Tin Shop is located behind the Barney Ford House Museum in the growing Breckenridge arts campus area and will offer visitors access to each artist, scheduled to stay in periods ranging from two to four weeks.

During open studio hours folks can ask questions and see the creative process firsthand. Eighteen artists have been booked through December 2007 to stay at the early 1900s historic building, according to Jennifer Cram, administrator of the Arts District of Breckenridge.

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