Monday, October 23, 2006

Keystone Donates Computers

Keystone Resort donated 30 out-of-use PCs and 23 monitors to the Jared Polis Foundation, a total of 40 monitors to Summit County and Fairplay School Districts, and three monitors to The Keystone Center.

The Jared Polis Foundation acts as a liaison between individuals and organizations wishing to donate computers and schools and nonprofit organizations that would like to receive them.

Sue Moran, Keystone PC technician, said that while formerly she and the IT department had recycled their monitors and computers, they decided to see if there were any organizations they could donate them to.

"We'd like to see more of our equipment take one more step before it gets recycled," she said.

With some research and a few phone calls, she found the Jared Polis Foundation. After erasing the hard drives of the computers, Moran and her colleagues drove the equipment to the EcoCycle Center in Boulder, which has a monthly pickup for the foundation.

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