Friday, December 09, 2005

Plan for Widening Highway 9

The latest version of the plan for widening Highway 9 between Farmer's Korner and Breckenridge shows some significant improvements, especially for most residents in the Lakeview Meadows area, assistant county manager Thad Noll said after an open house Tuesday evening.

Noll said the latest plan includes a traffic signal at Jarelle Drive and Dickey Drive, providing better and safer access to the highway from the main residential areas at Farmer's Korner. Additionally, the highway has been pushed east, away from the Farmer's Grove subdivision.

"It looks like they really listened to the residents and homeowners association," Noll said."

What the attempt is ... is to reduce the impacts as much as possible with context-sensitive design," said Wes Goff, project manager for consultant PBS&J.

"We're making a very strong effort to reduce right-of-way and environmental impacts in the corridor."

The funding picture for the five mile, $27 million highway project is unclear following the defeat of Referendum D, passage of which would have helped pay for the Highway 9 project. The Colorado Department of Transportation is still tentatively scheduling the start of construction for spring of 2007.

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