Monday, April 04, 2005

Cucumber Creek Gondola

It looks like the gondola in Breckenridge is only a few years away. The Breckenridge Planning Commission has approved it and Vail Resorts says it is only a question of time before the gondola is built. The "question of time" part seems to mean "as soon as we sell enough Mountain Thunder Lodge properties" we will build the gondola.

I think it is good news. Breckenridge is long overdue for another lift that actually comes right down into town, and the location of this lift would do much to relieve the traffic congestion and skier/rider transportation problems that currently exist.

Let's face it, the two main parking lots in town - the "Miners lot" and the "Tailings lot" while having nice names are nothing more than dirt parking lots (right now they are mud parking lots) and could use massive improvement. The installation of the gondola (the lower, or in-town base of the gondola) will be in one of these lots and I am sure paving will be not far behind. It's time for Breckenridge to "step up to the plate" and offer some of the same amenities that their competitors offer. This lift would go a long way in that direction. Let's hope it gets built soon.

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