Monday, April 11, 2005

Breckenridge to Create Cucumber Gulch Nature Center

Despite the new snow in Cucumber Gulch, the first signs of spring are slowly appearing - red winged blackbirds trill in the bare willows, wing patches glittering like rubies among the drab brown branches.

"They're really guardians of the willow groves," said Peg Alig, Breckenridge Nature Series coordinator, going on to describe the sights and sounds of the season's first Breckenridge Nature Series hike in the Gulch.

The town is looking at the possibility of building a nature center as a base for interpretive activities as well as for scientific research in Cucumber Gulch. $145,000 is in this year's budget for planning and design of the new nature center and open space and trails.

It's a wonderful idea and I hope it happens.

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