Thursday, January 16, 2020

Breckenridge plans to send unpaid parking tickets to collections after repeat offenders rack up more than $88,000 in fines

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At the Breckenridge Town Council work session Tuesday, Jan. 14, the town elected to make changes to its parking violations system. Staff members presented a memo to council explaining that there are 320 license plates that have three or more unpaid citations, amounting to $88,000 in unpaid tickets. 
Since the town takes no further action after issuing tickets and reminders, those who violated parking rules essentially can get away with not paying tickets. Staff asked council whether they would like to start sending unpaid parking tickets to collections, and council members agreed to move forward with that plan. 
An escalated fine schedule for repeat parking violators also was agreed upon. The new schedule, which is proposed to take effect Feb. 1, allows a warning for first-time offenders. If a second ticket is issued, council agreed that it should cost the offender $40. A third ticket would cost $40, a fourth would cost $100 and a fifth would cost $200. If someone goes 12 months without a parking violation, the escalating fee schedule will reset.
Courtesy Summit Daily.