Saturday, February 11, 2017

Boulder’s Skiing Magazine stops printing after 69 years

Phil Lindeman /

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Just shy of its 70th birthday, Boulder’s Skiing Magazine is shuttering its print publication and folding its adventure-focused content into a revamped version of its sister, Ski Magazine.
For years, Skiing has been the winter-adventure magazine, with a focus on younger skiers who live for the sport. Ski Magazine has been more family friendly, with an eye toward the aging baby boomers who grew the ski industry and seek a little more luxe in their ski vacation.
The plan is to marry the two brands into a single, snowy voice, says Andy Clurman, the chief of Active Interest Media, the 50-magazine publisher that acquired Ski, Skiing and Warren Miller Entertainment in 2013 with a mission to revive the once-ailing yet iconic brands.
“We are going for the bigger tent approach,” said Clurman, who was in New York City for the annual American Magazine Media Conference, where he joined three other high-profile publishers on a panel discussing “why magazines perform unlike any other media, with devoted audiences, passionate communities and engaged consumers.”
Imagine a ski resort, he said. There’s a terrain park on one side. Expert steeps up high. Gently rolling groomers down low. It’s a one-stop playground for every type of skier.
“The magazine should reflect that without having to segment the market,” he said.
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