Sunday, September 13, 2015

Breckenridge Film Festival arrives next weekend

#Breckenridge, Colorado.

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The Breckenridge Film Festival will be presenting two films on Friday, Sept. 18 at the Riverwalk Center at 3 p.m. sure to entrance the kids and entertain the adults.
“Claire and the Keys” is a short animated film that twists convention in that Claire is a little girl who wants to take piano lessons against her mother’s wishes. An ad entices young Claire with the lure of the best teacher in town and the promise of a recital. The teacher is not all that is advertised and Claire learns some truths, but not how to play the piano. However, Claire is not a quitter and she finds a way to become the piano player she knows resides inside her. “Claire and the Keys” is a happy tale of resolve and determination in the face of heavy resistance.
Feature film “The Incredible Adventures of JoJo” follows the lively story of JoJo and his little sister Avila, left alone in the woods after a nighttime car wreck. Together the siblings navigate a journey fraught with danger and deception to find their way home. If you’ve ever been a 7-year-old you will surely recognize the imagination at play here. Wolves, hobos, dirty diapers and Mother Nature herself conspire to keep the two from reaching safety. Produced and directed by first-time filmmakers, this family friendly film is an organic, home-spun tale of adventure.
Grab your older kids and make sure to see both these films as the kids will revel in the magic and the adults can revisit their childhood fears and memories.
Join the Breckenridge Film Festival on Sept. 17-20 to celebrate 35 years! Featuring 50+ films, chances to meet filmmakers, panel discussions, parties, mingling and more. Learn more Would you like to sponsor this film? We need film sponsors. for information on supporting the Breckenridge Film Festival.
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