Monday, July 28, 2014

Frisco starts Main Street construction project with curb breaking

#Frisco, Colorado.

Courtesy town of Frisco

On Tuesday, July 29, Frisco will launch its “Step Up Main Street” construction project with a celebratory curb breaking.
Mayor Gary Wilkinson will start ceremoniously demolishing the curb at the intersection of Main Street and Madison Avenue at 5 p.m.
The public is invited to celebrate the start of the project with cupcakes and milk.
“Step Up Main Street” is a revitalization master plan for Frisco’s Main Street from Madison Avenue to Seventh Avenue. The project aims to improve infrastructure and create a more welcoming, safe and useable Main Street with more benches, updated lighting and pavers, and a widened sidewalk on the north side.
Parking along Main Street will stay the same.
The project also will improve drainage, safety and functionality and will be completed in four phases.
The first phase will begin in August and end in October. The second and third phases will be in 2015, from April through mid-June and then mid-September to October. The last phase will start in the spring of 2016 and end in mid-June.
“We chose to begin construction at the Madison Avenue intersection because it will be less disruptive than other phases of the project and will not result in a full street closure,” Wilkinson said in a press release. “We hope folks come out to celebrate our first Main Street improvement since the early ’80s.”
CDOT deeded Main Street to the town of Frisco in 1981, and the town made improvements in 1982, including sidewalks, on-street lighting, on-street parking and street furniture. Today, town officials say that infrastructure is aging and outdated.
“Main Street will fail sooner than later and cause larger impacts if it is left as is. By being proactive with the improvements, we can lessen the impact on businesses and the community as a whole,” said Tim Mack, the town’s public works director, in a news release. “We really appreciate the feedback we received from the community, and we will certainly be asking for their patience and flexibility as this project moves forward.”
For more information on the project, please call (970) 668-0836, ext. 9, or visit and look for the green link on the left side of the page.
Courtesy of the Summit Daily News.