Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Wow! 16.4 percent up

Yesterday was the last day to tally up closings for 2012 and with that thought 2012 is 16.4% ahead of 2011 for sold residential Summit County Properties and with any closings that occur today that 16.4% is only going to improve!

Today our market in Summit County has virtually the same number of properties getting ready to close as it did last year at this time. The number of properties for sale today is down 11% from last year. An interesting point: The average list price last year at this time was close to $750k and today the average list price is close to $700k.

Average list prices are down and the number of sales are up even with a smaller inventory of properties for sale - interesting stuff. The average sold price in Summit County is up 1%.

A terrific end to 2012!
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