Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sold Properties Surpass 2011 Totals

Last week the number of residential sold properties in Summit County surpassed the 2011 year end total and this week the total number of sales in Summit County gained 2%...in one week the county went from 13% gain in sold properties to today’s 15%!


Countywide is up 15% and the North Side of the county is almost at a 20% gain and the South Side is at a 9% gain.


The average sold price for Summit County Residential sales fell 1 tenth of a percent and today is up 0.4%. The North Side of the county dropped a bit more and is now at a 3.5% improvement and the South Side remains at minus 0.6%. It will be interesting to see what the next five weeks will bring as we wind the year down.


Active listings today are down -14.7% and the total residential properties in the county that are under contract are up plus 7.5%. The 7.5% is primarily due to two situations this past week: 1. The number of properties that went under contract surged by 33% and the number of properties that sold went down by 22%.

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