Monday, July 02, 2007

Breckenridge Round-a-bout to get Landscaping?

After the Breckenridge Town Council heard about plans to landscape the round-a-bout starting after the July 4 holiday, they discussed alternatives to reduce the impact to traffic as much a possible.

"For me this is a low priority," said Council member Jeffrey Bergeron, who voiced the most conservative opinion about the project. "It seems every summer we're just doing something in this area."

Other council members commented that the lack of landscaping at the town's entrance is "embarrassing" and discussed the possibility of reducing traffic impact by splitting up the work so the planting is done in the summer and rock work takes place in the fall - each part makes up about half of the expected two month project.

Councilmember Dave Rossi said he agreed that it would be a "harassment of construction," but with one-lane closure it would have only a minimal impact and it needs to get done.

The work will take place during the week and be cleaned off by Friday afternoon so it wouldn't impact weekend traffic. Also, the lane closure that would be necessary to house the equipment for the work would not impact the part of the round-a-bout that only has one lane, staff said.

The town staff is currently assessing options and will get back to council to determine what to do.

"We don't want to start right after July 4th without thinking this through as much as we can," said Mayor Ernie Blake.

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