Monday, May 07, 2007

Backcountry Re-zoning

A county plan to re-zone several hundred mining claims in the Snake River and Tenmile basins would result in new rules on development of backcountry parcels, including limits on house sizes and changes to road standards.

Based on master plan language that emphasizes preservation of the rural, natural characteristics of the backcountry, the county wants to reclassify 275 properties in the Snake River Basin and 66 properties in the Tenmile Basin into a backcountry zone.

The proposal is up for a public hearing today in front of the countwide planning commission.

Since a large number parcels, totaling 3,615 acres, is up for re-zoning, the application is being processed as a "quasi-legislative" action, with multiple public hearings scheduled.

At the same time, the planning commission will consider changes to backcountry zone district regulations that are related to the rez-oning move.

Based on public feedback from a previous Snake River planning commission meeting, county planners will revisit the proposal to specifically address concerns of a few property owners who said their parcels shouldn't be subject to the new rules.

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