Sunday, September 17, 2006

New "Welcome to Summit County" Sign in the Works

Bob French wants to make a simple statement. The county commissioner suggested, "Welcome to Summit County" be written on new signs placed at county lines. The old phrase, "Welcome to Colorado's Playground" irked French and others because it was panned by jokesters who removed the "l" to create "pay-ground."

"It was a little slam at the real estate people and the way the county operates," French said. "I think that's inappropriate."

So simplicity was in order, and that's just how road and bridge employee Jim Slivka designed a prototype sign introduced to commissioners recently. He used the county government logo and plain text.

"I like it," French said. "It tells you where you are, has balance, is conservative but is also an attractive piece of art."

The logo is used for marketing and government business, and was originally designed by Kevin Mastin of The Mastin Group. The business won a national award for the work.

The new signs will likely be about six feet wide. They will be placed on Ute Pass and Highway 9 north of Silverthorne, Interstate 70 near the Eisenhower Tunnel and at Vail Pass, and on Hoosier and Loveland passes.

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