Monday, March 06, 2006

Deed Restricted Housing in Breckenridge

Local housing officials have completed their annual review of deed restricted housing, trying to ensure that owners abide by the affordable housing covenants outlined in local regulations.

According to a report on the monitoring effort, the Summit Housing Authority reviewed 484 deed restricted units in Breckenridge. All but 41 owners have provided the required documentation.

Town officials so far have not been able to confirm whether the remaining 41 owners are in compliance with the deed restrictions.Summit Housing Authority program director Joanne Van Steenberghe said she doubts that all those owners are in violation. She said it’s more likely just a communication issue.

Violations of local affordable housing rules have been in the spotlight recently, as the town of Breckenridge pursues legal action against an Indiana couple who bought a deed restricted home in the Wellington Neighborhood. The town alleges the owners violated the covenants from day one, never living in the home or working in Summit County, as required by the deed restriction. A trial date has been set for the end of March, while settlement talks have been held sporadically.

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