Sunday, February 19, 2006

Town Takes Over Frisco Historic Park

The town of Frisco will take over day-to-day operations of the Frisco Historic Park from the Frisco Historical Society at the end of this month.

The historic park property, on Main Street near Second Avenue, and seven of the 11 buildings located there, are owned by the town.

The historical society, an independent nonprofit organization, has operated the museum and maintained the park's collection of historic artifacts for more than two decades.

Financial support for the society from the town has increased steadily in recent years. For 2006, the town committed to contributing $51,000, or more than half the park's annual budget of nearly $90,000. The historical society was responsible for raising funds to cover the remainder of the operating expenses.

Under the new arrangement agreed on by the council Tuesday, the historic park will now be town-run. Museum staff will become Frisco employees and the town will pay for the park's utilities and building upkeep. Impetus for this change came from the society's board of directors. Executive director Rita Bartram resigned in January after six years.

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