Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Frisco Main Street to get Facelift

The west end of Frisco's Main Street, near the #201 exit at I-70 is getting a facelift.

On Monday, Rep. Mark Udall announced that he had secured $1 million in federal dollars to improve the area, and the town of Frisco will match that with $1 million of their own for the project.

Udall’s money was included in the Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development spending bill approved last week. The town of Frisco had set aside their $1 million in the town’s capital fund, which would have been used for redevelopment of West Main even if the federal funding didn’t come through, town officials say.

For many visitors to Frisco’s historic and economically vital Main Street, their tour of the area ends at town hall, at the intersection of Main Street and Madison Avenue. There, pedestrian walkways end, and much of the commercial business does as well. That’s where the new redevelopment comes in. The new $2 million project will aim to make that part of town more commercially viable, more friendly to visitor traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular), and more of a “gateway” to historic Main Street.

According to the town of Frisco, specific improvements to the area are likely to include: signage, lighting, pedestrian pathways between town hall and the Tenmile trailhead, landscaping, drainage and parking. Frisco also said the Frisco Recreation Open Space and Trails (FROST) committee will be involved in the planning process to represent recreational and trail interests.

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